Kelly Sayers is the Founder & CEO of KS Consulting & BetterLife Bookstore 

Kelly Sayers 
Founder and Principal

Kelly Sayers CEO & Founder of KS Consulting, BetterLife Bookstore, Angel Academy & The Coaches Platform, Self Discovery Magazine, Self Discovery Network & Soulful Awards. Has also become Amazon No 1 Best Selling Author with Balboa Press/Hayhouse USA. Inspired by the Universe to empower woman to believe in themselves  & fulfil their life's purpose.

Alexandra Folossi
Sales & Marketing

Alexandra is focused solely on implementing the blueprints for business success, ensuring the sales funnel and the customer experience is professional and flowing. Enjoys linking the right software to ensure everything works and leads turn into perfect customers. Believes everyone has a unique & special purpose.

Rhianna Manda
Social Media Manager

Rhianna has been working with Kelly and the team as virtual assistant for the past 5 years enjoying social media, quality assurance, working behind the scenes making sure the business model works and is serving a higher purpose. Her mission to empower woman in business. Enjoys networking, social media, writing press releases and launching new products & events. 

Rosalie Ward
Bookeeper /Accounts

Rosalie is working behind the scenes as virtual assistant ensuring the finances are legal and professional. Rosalie is great at crossing her t's and dotting her i's she ensures smooth customer experience.

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